The illusion

3-10 Players

60 Minutes

!pay attention


  • The game doesn't suit claustrophobes
    Having difficulty in movement and advanced pregnant women.
  • Comfortable clothing and closed shoes should be available.
  • Flip-flops / high heels will not be allowed.
    The game is not scary and is suitable for children aged 7 and over.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult.

:price list

2 players – ₪ 170 per player. (₪ 340 per group)
3 players – ₪ 130 per player. (₪ 390 per group)
4 players – ₪ 120 per player. (₪ 480 per group)
5 players – ₪ 110 per player. (₪ 550 per group)
Extra for each player over 5 players – ₪ 100
Midweek Couples Price:
₪ 280 from Sunday to 5:00 pm (weekdays only)

15% off for a group of 3 players or more
Sunday to Thursday 5pm (weekdays only)
To redeem the discount enter a coupon code: ESCAPE15

:Room location

!Please note

Moshav Yaara - in the Western Galilee


The Wizard Code was brutally violated
,"By Valentino "The Magician in Mask

Who revealed to everyone their secrets
.Preserved for millions of years
This blatant violation marked Valentino
And against him came a contract for his
.arrest and prosecution

..In one moment it is gone and its trace
.Not detected for many years
…Until recently… in a dark basement

"You were recruited to help the "eye
,The Eternal Mystery Society
.Find the magician in the mask

,You must expose Valentino's deception
?!Will you be able to reveal it in 60 minutes


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"The Illusion"

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ספטמבר 2020

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